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Holy Faggotry, is it that time already!?

Round 2 of the Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow has arrived! Themed “Through the Past, A Queerer Tomorrow, Today”, this round of micro-grants we are honoring our vast queer heritage. Again, we are asking for radical queer art projects from radical queer artists. Applications are due March 8th. Decisions will be announced on the Vernal Equinox (March 21st).

Here’s the juicy bits….

More coins, grrrlfriend!

Let’s be honest, living as radical queer artists during the great recession just ain’t easy! It’s hard enough to find a shit job, let along make money with your passions, and sometimes you choose between art supplies and food because the rent is just too damn high. Well, you know we Feyboys love us some faggot, sissy, genderfuck art – we couldn’t survive without it! We’re so in love with it, we want to give you money to create lots more!

Through the Past, A Queerer Tomorrow, Today.

A friend once told me, we get to see far because we stand on the shoulders of giants. To honor those giants on whose shoulders we trod, this round of Feyboy Arts Grants is focused around our vast queer heritage. We ask that, in some way, your project proposals evoke the many legacies left to us by the queer pioneers of past generations.


“Let’s drink to the old faggots who were there and helped make this possible just by being there.”

Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions, Larry Mitchell, 1977


Honoring a Friend

This round of the Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow is dedicated to Larry Mitchell, author of The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions. Larry passed this past December at the age of 78. Faggots and Their Friends is a seminal work depicting radical faggot and women’s resistance against “the men” in a highly reflective fantastical city. While Larry will be deeply missed, there is no doubt his work will continue to inspire queers for many more generations.


The Deets

When is the application due?   Friday March 8th, 2013

How much money can I get?   Somewhere between $100 – $500 for your project.

Do I have to be queer?   Yup! Please, self-identify as queer. All genders welcome!

Do I have to be, y’know, anything official?   All types of people or groups are welcome.

What if my project is more than $500?   Apply, and we can help you fundraise the rest.

Any other preferences?   We love public art, as in art that is experienced by community. Some amount of preference will be given to this.

Here’s the Application!


Remember, all applications must be submitted to

Send questions there, too.

Now, get writing grrrrls, and may your artgasms cover this city in sticky queer beauty.


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