Co-creative Queer Arts & Culture

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Our Mission

The Feyboy Collective is an intentional community that co-creates radical faggot art and action. Located in the heart of SOMA (in San Francisco) we are a queerdo community center facilitating shared creative space, hosting events from D.I.Y. workshops to sex parties and acting as a launchpad for aspiring SF radical artists and activists. We operate out of the Feyboy Mansion, our home, but facilitate events around the city both as a group and as individuals with our own radical ties to the urban community.

The Feyboy family Portrait - Pinkfeather, Miguel, Zac and Kyle (clockwise from top)


What do we mean by intentional community?

At the heart of being an intentional community is the idea that we are putting mindful energy into our cooperative group living. This manifests in a whole host of different living situations, and ours is definitely rather unique. At the core of our collective are the four feyboys, Zac, Pinkfeather, Kyle and Miguel. That’s us in the picture; we are the founders and stewards of the Feyboy Mansion. Then there are the numerous guests of the house, friends and artists who need to crash for a couple weeks or maybe just a night; it can often feel like summer camp, waking up to the six fabulous queens who crashed in the living room. And the Feyboy Mansion serves as a shared creative and meeting space, so it’s not uncommon to have a painter or writer in the back room, drag queens practicing in the living room or a group of 20 discussing racism in a circle.

Community Economics

As you might guess, four young radical queer artists/activists aren’t actually able to afford a mansion in San Francisco. In reality (a place we visit from time to time), the Feyboy Mansion is a four bedroom flat located directly above the gay bar. How else do you think we could afford the rent? We share our meals and groceries, often with the larger community as well; we feed many a hungry performance artist. We often fund house projects ourselves, but welcome donations from the community to support our work. All events are No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds (NOTAFLOF) and we try to keep class-consciousness as a key part of our awareness as a community.


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