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Posted by kyleglyder Posted on May - 05 - 2012

Support a Groundbreaking Queer Documentary!

This is the last week for the campaign to support Transgender Tuesdays, a groundbreaking new documentary about the first primary care clinic in the U.S. (maybe the world) for transgender individuals. This film explores the opening of the clinic in the early 90′s, its trials and tribulations, and the extraordinary effect it had on the community it served. Transgender Tuesdays is a community supported project; we need you to make a donation today so the film has the resources it needs to bring this important story into queer consciousness.

Here’s a bit of what Mark Freeman, creator of Transgender Tuesdays and fellow C&J’er, has to say:

Hi, Mark Freeman here to ask your help with a groundbreaking documentary film about the first people who came to a little clinic called Transgender Tuesdays, back in 1993. At the time, I was a Family Nurse Practitioner and part of a team in San Francisco that was trying to reach out to the most underserved group in our region, and during the worst period of the AIDS epidemic to hit our city. We didn’t know then that what we were starting would turn out to be the country’s first Primary Care clinic aimed at transgender folks.

Through the merging of health care providers from this one small Public Health clinic, activists from every ethnic and gender group in the city, and actively participating trans folks, a whole new model of care for the country emerged. And what’s more, through bridging these groups, a truly unique and inclusive sense of trans community was born.

Now, by supporting this film, you’ll be helping to make a mini-feature length documentary that reveals – to everyone in its reach – the humanity of transgender people, particularly that of those who faced some of the worst conditions imaginable during the “bad old days.” These stories form the backbone of this film, and they are amazing. They are jaw-dropping, horrifying, infuriating, courageous– and they are bitingly humorous. This is not merely intended for a local or temporal audience, however. Editor Nathaniel Walters (“Survivor”) and our Consulting Editor Bill Weber (“The Cockettes” and “We Were Here”) are creating a polished, highly entertaining, educational film about trans history and current realities that will be useful for years to come, around the globe.

See an introduction to the film and the rest of Mark’s letter here.

Transgender issues have always been important to me as a queer activist. I’ve been lucky to have several close trans friends and consider the intertwining of the gay/lesbian/bi equality and transgender equality movements to be a true blessing for civil rights (two for one baby!). But, we don’t do enough. Discrimination, harassment and hurtful misconceptions continue to surround the transgender community. Even here, in our bubble of the bay, a transgender friend of the community was recently murdered in a horrific hate crime, just for being herself. In more than half the country, transgender people can still be legally fired or kicked out of their housing, just for being themselves. And medical care for the trans community is startlingly inadequate.

This is your chance to help. Make a donation of $20, the cost of a twelve pack of beer or five cappuccinos. There’s some great perks as thank you’s for your donation. Can you afford a bit more? Make a donation of $100. This project is grassroots funded so every little bit helps.

I’ve convinced you, right? Just in case not, here’s a short video of me talking about Transgender Tuesdays at Feyboy.


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