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Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Apr - 10 - 2012

Inspired Beer Bust & Performance Orgy

Creative queers cavorting and caroling

as luscious lads luxuriate and laugh.
Sun shining on skin on skin sensuality followed by
Fireside fierceness as faeries and faggots freestyle.
Avant-garde artists and amateurs alike,
Invite in inspiration.


The Feyboy Collective Invites you to


Beer Bust & Performance Orgy

Festive frivolity, food and frothiness, friends and fellatio.

Sunday April 15th

2 pm – 9 pm

Entrance: $5 – $10

+ Beer Bust: $15 – $20

RSVP for location

(Located in the heart of the Haight, SF, right above Trax)

All proceeds benefit the Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow.

Find more information here.

Inspired is a one-of-a-kind beer bust and performance party. Set in the lush gardens of the Haight Street Faerie House, count on some of the most talented and edgy artists in our community to come out and turn it out. Not just a drag show, not just a cabaret, not just an open mic, Inspired invites faggot and faerie artists to share and experiment with their art. Reconnect with nature, friends and the  poetry you’ve had sitting in your desk (or in your heart).

All the usual accoutrements of the Feyboy beer busts will be here: filling food, decadent dancing, fierce faggotry and gorgeous guys. First performance will be held around 6 pm, the second around a campfire once the sun has set. Light dinner and snacks throughout the day will be served.

If you or a friend are interested in performing, or you want to volunteer, please e-mail Artists are asked to keep pieces to around 5 minutes. Spontaneous acts of art welcome throughout the day.

About the Venue: Our lush, private venue is located in the heart of the Haight and features two of the largest and most beautiful gardens in all of San Francisco. Dance and play on the large outdoor patio or get lost in the winding paths of either garden to find play spaces and more. Indoor space will be available in case of inclement weather.

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