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Posted by kyleglyder Posted on May - 11 - 2013

Shame on Pride: SF Pride Shuts Out the Community

A first hand account of what happened at SF Pride’s most recent board meeting.


“Shame, shame, shame on Pride”. The words roared through the Pearl Street foyer, rolling around the corner onto Market Street, a tide of frustration and …

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Mar - 22 - 2013

Through the Past, A Queerer Tomorrow, Today Grants Awarded!

The ad hoc Feyboy Arts Grants Committee met two days ago to go through the applications for this round of Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow. Our theme was (loosely) around queer history/legacy. Overall there were a dozen grant applications. We had $1700 to give away. Here’s a brief look at the grants we chose to award…

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Jan - 25 - 2013

Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow ROUND 2 Announced!

Remember last year when we gave out $1400 in micro-grants to radical queer artists from the Bay Area? Well, we’re doing it again.

Announcing Round 2 of the Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow, “Through the Past, a Queerer Tomorrow, Today”!

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Jul - 27 - 2012

Best of the Bay, Baby!

Faetopia has been recognized in the San Francisco Guardian’s Best of the Bay! That’s right, the event that we created and produced won “Best Fairy Explosion” in recognition of the incredible feat our community tranifested this Pride. …

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Jun - 13 - 2012

Faetopia is Cumming

There’s a community artgasm about to explode all over the Castro. Faetopia creates a world in which queers are honored by their communities for their unique, beautiful gifts from cradle to grave.

Learn more at

Come to our Opening Reception Friday June 15th 7:00 – 9:00 pm for an evening filled with stunning gay art and ecstatic performance!

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Jun - 08 - 2012

Faerie Freedom Village!

The week before Pride visit the week-long queer arts festival in the heart of the Castro, Faetopia.



Enter a magical sanctuary of radical queer community in the heart of Pride. Faerie Freedom Village is an explosion of …

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on May - 27 - 2012

Feyboy Arts Grants Awarded!

We released $1400 in arts grants for radical queer public art! This post is a bit late, but we’ve just been slightly busy putting together Faetopia and Faerie Freedom Village. Because of that, this is going to be short …

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on May - 05 - 2012

Support a Groundbreaking Queer Documentary!

This is the last week for the campaign to support Transgender Tuesdays, a groundbreaking new documentary about the first primary care clinic in the U.S. (maybe the world) for transgender individuals. This film explores the opening of the clinic …

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Apr - 10 - 2012

Inspired Beer Bust & Performance Orgy

Creative queers cavorting and caroling

as luscious lads luxuriate and laugh.
Sun shining on skin on skin sensuality followed by
Fireside fierceness as faeries and faggots freestyle.
Avant-garde artists and amateurs alike,
Invite in inspiration.


The Feyboy Collective Invites …

Posted by kyleglyder Posted on Mar - 23 - 2012

Release the Arts Grants!!

It is time! We are releasing the final details for the first round of the Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow. All of your questions will finally be answered as to how you, as a radical queer artist, can receive small-scale funding for your artistic wetdreams. That’s right baby, these grants may only be for between $100-$500, but we all know it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it. So, here’s a recap of details for the Feyboy Arts Grants for a Queerer Tomorrow.


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